Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Survey Report to LRC Committee April 22, 2008

I. Sharing a sampling of eight surveys from Summer 2003 to Spring 2008.

II. Survey topics: General, Environmental, Library Research Skills, Workstations, In-house Circulation Desk Activity, Distance Learning for Students and Faculty.

III. Survey types: Hardcopy, Online, Touch-Screen Workstation, White Board.

IV. Library's Responses
A. General Student Satisfaction Survey Summer 2003 -

Created an "Ask a Librarian" station for night and week-ends

Online orientation info at reference desk beside catalog station

Made contact with St. Leo Librarian

Requested internet access in Conference room

Created signs requesting students to turn off cell phones.

B. Environmental Survey Spring 2007 -

Religion and Philosophy Faculty selected & purchased books

Reduced printing charges for students

Used signs to promote library orientation!

C. Future Library Survey Fall 2007

Re-arranged workstations

Requested and received three Mac computers

D. Circulation Staff Survey December 2007 Circulation Student workers more aware of importance to keep
accurate statistics

E. March 2008
Results were posted in the library for students to see how staff has responded.
1. Students are more interested in having wireless and more computers than more study rooms.
2. Staff is the most valued resource in the library, but computers, a place to study, and library materials tied for second place.
3. The problems students feel we need to address are: (in order of most responses)
a. No wireless Response about wireless: Library will be among the first three places to receive wireless on campus. The security part of the wireless package has been requested.
b. Not enough computers (three Mac computers have been added.)
c. Hours library is open (need more input, but limited by staff and budget)
d. Temperature
e. Not enough study rooms (Reference desk and Reference office is available when possible.)
f. Too noisy
g. Learning how to access databases
h. Too crowded
i. Library web page
j. Getting help for their questions.

V. Input for marketing plan in response to DL survey for Students and DL Survey for Faculty.

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